1) CONTEST FORMAT To qualify for a Prize a Contestant must roll all seven dice at one time and have all of the dice come to rest with the significant marking face up.
a) A set of seven dice will be used for this Contest. The dice used must be those supplied by Underwriters unless an alternative set has been agreed with Underwriters in writing prior to the Contest Start Date. Each of the seven dice used for this Contest must have a Significant Marking on one side of each die.
b) This Contract covers one set of dice and one dice table in play only.
c) Contestants must roll all of the dice at the same time (an attempt). All dice must come to rest on the playing surface. Once all dice come to rest on the playing surface, all dice must lie flat. If any die is leaning in any manner, the roll must be disqualified and all dice must be rolled again. If any dice land off the playing surface the roll must be disqualified and all dice must be rolled again. If any Contestant inadvertently drops or tosses a die as they are preparing to roll the dice onto the playing surface, the dropped die will be acknowledged as part of that Contestant’s roll. The result of the dropped die will count as if the die was rolled normally. In this case, the remaining dice must be tossed to complete the attempt
d) The Contestant will not be permitted to take any practice or warm-up tosses prior to their attempt. Once a Contestant has tossed any dice, their attempt is considered to be startede) There will be a maximum of 10 attempts by any one Contestant at this Contest. If a Contestant exceeds their 10 attempt limit any additional attempts will be invalid.
 f) A representative of the Insured must supervise the Contest. It is the responsibility of the Insured to verify that all Contestants and anyone else that is involved in this Contest have a full understanding of all terms and conditions outlined herein under this Contest Format.
g) Security. i) For Prizes up to £25,000 one of the following two security clauses must be in place. The Insured must notify Underwriters prior to the start of the Contest which of the two security methods will be used; a. Each dice roll must be video-taped. It is the responsibility of the Insured to insure that all video equipment used is in working order. The individual operating the video camera must first record the surface on which all dice are tossed and the result all of the dice as they comes to rest on the playing surface. The face of all the dice must be clearly shown on the video. Once the dice are rolled, no one may touch any die until the camera clearly shows the face of each of the dice. b. All of the rolls must be observed by one or more Official Witness(es) agreed by Underwriters in writing prior to the start of the Contest Start Date. This Official Witnesses must be currently working in one of the following professions: Policeman, Doctor, Lawyer, Veterinarian, Teacher, Accountant or Bank Manager.
2) CLAIMS All potential claims should be notified to; Worldwide Hole ‘N One Claims Department, Address: 21 Verulam Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL3 4DG, England Telephone 01727 843686, Facsimile 01727 855089 E-mail: claims@wwsr.co.uk Upon receipt of proof of claim Underwriters may conduct a reasonable investigation including, but not limited to, requiring the Insured to produce the potential Winner and any staff involved in the Contest for polygraph examination as a condition to payment of the claim if in the sole opinion of Underwriters such an examination is warranted by the facts. Fraudulent claims If the Insured, or anyone acting on their behalf, make a claim knowing it to be false or fraudulent in amount or in any other respect, this insurance will become invalid. This means Underwriters will not pay the false or fraudulent claim, or any subsequent claim.
DATA PROTECTION Any information you have provided will be dealt with by us in compliance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 2018. For the purposes of handling of any claims or complaints, we may need to transfer certain information which you have provided to other parties. Information on how we handle your data can be viewed in our Insurers' Privacy Policy www.worldwidespecialrisks.co.uk/privacy-policy.